CD CoverStories and Songs of
Latin America

1. Hola!
2. La Bamba
3. History of the Caribbean
4. Juan Bobo and the Pig
5. Pollito/Chicken
6. Paco and the Witch
7. Coqui
8. Guantanamera
9. Adios

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Juan Bobo and the Pig: Juan Bobo likes nothing better than to play with his puerco, his pig. So when his mother asks him to take good care of the pig while she goes to church, la iglesia, Juan promises that he will. But little does his mother imagine what mischief Juan will get into!

In this updated folktale that is spiced with Spanish words and some very modern twists, skilled storyteller Felix has created his own high-spirited version of Puerto Rico's folk hero, Juan Bobo. And illustrator Christy Hale's bold, stylish linoleum-block prints perfectly capture the spirit and Caribbean flavor of this humorous story.



Paco and the Witch: At Paco's house, everyone is busy preparing for una fiesta. So when his mother realizes that she has one last thing to fetch from the store, Paco volunteers to make the long trip through the woods to the village below. The woods are beautiful, but Paco is wary, for su abuela, his grandmother, has warned him of the evil witch who lives there. Paco knows he shouldn't stop, but he is so tired! Surely if he sat down for just one moment...

Here is another lively folk tale from Puerto Rico, seasoned with Spanish words and retold in Mr. Pitre's own unique style. Once again the story is visualized with Christy Hale's brilliant illustrations that capture the heart and soul of the story.


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